Candida albicans, or yeast, is a microbe that lives in the gut along with 3 pounds of other bacteria on average. We need a lot of that bacteria to be healthy. The problem is when the yeast grows too much and disrupts the balance. Yeast is what is known as a “opportunistic” microbe, meaning if it is given the space and resources, it will take over. The use of antibiotics, not only that we take but that are given to the animals that produce the meat we eat, cause all the bacteria to be destroyed in the gut-good and bad. Because yeast is a fungus and not a bacteria,it survives the anti-biotics and has plenty of space and resources to take over the system. One other gross factoid is they live in the gut lining, creating holes and a condition called “leaky gut.” This is where all the symptoms of inflammation come from–headaches, rashes, acne, joint pain, weight gain,and so many more. When this overgrowth takes place, the yeast drive cravings for more sugar and carbohydrates, because that is what they feed off of. So the next time you are reaching for that doughnut or soda, stop to think who you are feeding it to–yourself or your yeast?