Ion Cleanse Footbath

While an ionic detox footbath looks and feels like any other soothing footbath, its results exceed the simple bliss of relaxation. These footbaths have helped many patients with foot conditions and other disorders that require detoxification. The footbath removes toxins from the lymphatic system through the
largest pores of the body, the feet, through the use of electrically charged atoms. After an ionic footbath, patients report comfort and ease in their feet and a more relaxed state of mind and increased energy.

Detox Shake

The liver acts as a filter for the body. With the modern day use of chemicals for convenience, people, and their livers, have a lot of toxicity to deal with. That is why we have developed a simple and convenient recipe for a shake that has all the nutrients needed for complete liver detoxification as well as being a delicious and satisfying meal replacement. It is approved for daily use and gives the body the added advantage to deal with the modern day world we live in.

Candida Kill Protocol

In the gut there are over 10 trillion bacteria and microbes that form the gut flora. These little bugs have evolved with humans over the millennia and are essential to the function of the human gut for digestion as well as vitamin production. We need them as much as they need us. Candida albicans is the most common form of yeast living in the human body and under normal circumstances is a healthy, symbiotic microbe. However, through several habits of the modernized world, such as excessive antibiotic use and overconsumption of carbohydrate, the once normal relationship is now skewed. “Pervasive antibiotic use may also be disrupting the microbiota among people living in developed countries. Both human and animal studies have shown that even a one-time antibiotic treatment can lead to decreases in bacteria usually considered beneficial, such as Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli, as well as increases in potential pathogens such as Clostridium difficile and the yeast Candida albicans.”1Basically what this is saying is that a broad spectrum anti-biotic will kill all bacteria in the gut, good and bad, and leaves a lot of open room for other microbes to grow. Candida is technically a fungus and therefore doesn’t have the same cell structure as bacteria and is not affected by antibiotics. With all of that room and resource, yeast grows unchecked.

“Candida infection was primarily the ‘local expression of a very bad state of the whole system’, or was ‘a disease of the diseased’.”2 This is not to say that everyone with a gut yeast infection is on his or her deathbed. It is quite the contrary, actually. Many Americans are functioning with these gut infections and have no idea. Because of the nature of yeast living in the gut lining, it creates a condition called ‘leaky gut,’ which leads to inflammation of the system and can present itself as many symptoms such as headaches, skin rashes and acne, joint pain, and weight gain just to name a few.

Candida infection of the gut is a secondary effect of a bigger health issue, and can be alleviated by strengthening the immune system and eliminating the cause. Here at Renew Health and Wellness there is a protocol for eliminating the yeast and preventing the overgrowth from occurring again and truly help restore the health of the patient.

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2) Gut Reaction – Environmental Effects on the Human Microbiota

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