Post-Natal Care and the 4th Trimester

Chiropractic care is great for mom and new baby after birth.   It is amazing for helping your newborn after birth trauma, assisting with sleep, suckling, colic, constipation, and ear infections, and is proven safe and gentle.  The average pressure of a infant adjustment is about 10mmHg (about the weight of a dime), only takes a few moments to perform, and is safe to perform immediately after birth.


However, it is also important for moms to get post-birth care as well. This is due to the amount of trauma mom’s body went through as well during the birth, but there are after effects that last much longer than stitches.


First, mom’s emotional issues that are not dealt with can manifest physically as pain.  These “emotional blockages” can show up as neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, or pelvic pain.  Dr. Jessica performs a gentle, non-invasive technique called Neuro-Emotional Technique, where she “asks” the body what the issue is and how to resolve it, many times resulting in decreased pain.


Another effect of childbirth is the hormone Relaxin, which “loosens” ligaments and allows the pelvis to open for baby’s arrival,. This hormone lasts in mom’s system for up to a year after baby is born.  That means that for a year after birth, mom’s have a potential to fall out of alignment much more easily than before pregnancy.


Some of the more common symptoms associated with Relaxin remaining in the system are:

-Painful Breathing (Due to a rib being misaligned)

-Low Back Pain

-Neck and Shoulder Pain (Due to breastfeeding posture)

-Pelvic Pain

-Pubis Symphysis Misalignment- sharp pain on the pubic bone


Getting adjusted during this time period is very important, to ensure that when things “come back together” (AKA when the Relaxin does wear off), the joints realign correctly and do not create painful misalignments. This is the story of one of the patients in the office that experienced this situation:

“I had pelvic pain unexplained by 5… Yes FIVE different doctors since I delivered my daughter, which is 3 years! Three full years I have been suffering with awful pelvic pain that was exercise induced. So I had trouble losing weight, lack of activity getting me down, not feeling strong…. Then perhaps the best thing I could have ever done for myself was to meet this woman- Jessica Fish DC @ Renew Health and Wellness! She took time to hear my story (again this is 3 years of pain guys- three!) I had seen my OB, physical therapist, primary care doctor and 2 other chiropractors. No one could figure out the pain. Let me say again she listened to my whole story… She listened to me cry, made me feel comfortable, made me laugh! Gave me strength…. And she freaking fixed me! She figured me out and freaking fixed me! I have had zero pain since that day!! I hiked for hours! Hours carrying my kids! I have been exercising 3+ times per week to the point of exhaustion… Not just a casual walk that ends in pain…Again, if you have had unresolved issues with your body, see this woman!”       


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